The Evolution of a Digital Marketing Agency

Hi, we’re MEplusYOU. And your name?

The story of how we transformed from imc2 to MEplusYOU is a good one if you like witnessing underdog wins, character transformations and watching the Consumer Era take a final bow.

Now this story, ours, has classic roots: college kid gets big idea, big idea gets noticed, college kid makes good. That college kid was Doug Levy, our fearless leader, founder and CEO, and that big idea was an interactive marketing agency.

Doug Levy
College kid gets big idea, big idea gets noticed, college kid makes good.
< Doug Levy circa 1991

Flashback to Dallas, Texas, 1995: Doug gathers a few of his friends, Marc Blumberg and Ian Wolfman, and signs his first client, ABC Sports Monday Night Football. Thus, imc2 takes its first breath of life. To the wider world, this was a very big deal. And to a college kid—an even bigger one. So much so that Doug decided he had found his calling in marketing and devoted himself to this budding interactive agency. Today, interactive agencies are better known as digital and social media agencies, but digital has taken leaps and bounds since AOL and the dot-com boom. And social media? Well, that was merely a glimmer in Mark Zuckerberg’s eye back in those days.

Now it starts to get interesting. By 2004, imc2 had provided its clients with unprecedented revenue growth. As the years passed, the agency began to help brands like Secret Deodorant, Pizza Hut and Louisville Slugger connect with fans, and boost engagement. Since then, the digital agency has expanded its focus to mobileand social media marketing, predicting an era characterized by rapid expansion in these areas. As an interactive marketing agency bent on creating conversations between brands and people, the digital space proved to be the perfect arena to build relationships, spread purpose and cultivate authentic connections.

Fast forward to 2012. imc2 unveils the culmination of its years of research and observation in the Relationship Era. This landed the agency the cover of January’s Advertising Age with “The Dawn of the Relationship Era,” authored by Doug and media personality Bob Garfield. These two advertising agitators then authored the critically acclaimed book Can’t Buy Me Like, which delves deep into the growth of the Relationship Era.

And now for the climax (drumroll, please)—the name change! The agency took a page out of its own book (yes, literally) and rebranded to better reflect its belief in the importance of building authentic connections. We swapped out the name imc2 for something a little more fitting to our purpose: MEplusYOU. Not, Me plus You, ME+YOU, Me and You, You and Me, or even MPY Agency—oh whatever, we’re still trying to get it straight ourselves.

No matter what you call us, even if it is a dating service, we’ve experienced many years of success here at our agency. We’re back-to-back Groundswell Award winners. We’ve spoken at the biggest industry conferences including Cannes, SXSW and AdAge Digital. We’ve shared our thoughts with Huffington Post, Forbes, Advertising Age and MediaPost, to name a few. And we’ve been named a Best Place to Work and a Top Digital Agency a time or two.

Fortunately for us, we know what happens when the honeymoon period is over. We know the Consumer Era’s charm wears out; the underdog gets the girl and the main characters reach their resolutions. The greatest stories always feature long journeys—just ask anyone who’s been married for 40 years. We’re still trekking through ours, and it’s always great to make some friends along the way.