We are not a dating service.

But we are relationship builders.

Remember the first time you got butterflies? We’ve been creating that feeling for the brands we work with for almost two decades. MEplusYOU (formerly imc2) inspires authentic connections between brands and people through digital, social and mobile innovations. It’s kind of our thing.

We are a digital marketing agency.

Digital Social Mobile Marketing Agency

We’ve got the tools to get you past the first impression.

See the thing is, you can no longer rely on love at first sight. Building a relationship with someone isn’t lasting if it’s just a one-time transaction. You need trust, you need loyalty—you need to actually like one another. Here’s what our digital agency does to help people fall in love with brands.

Integrated Digital Marketing
Integrated Digital Marketing
Social Media
Social Media
Web Development & eCommerce
Web Development & eCommerce
Content Creation & Curation
Content Creation & Curation
Mobile First Everything
Mobile First Everything

True love is no longer blind.

There was once a little band called the Beatles who told us money couldn’t buy love. Well, those four Brits were years ahead of their time in predicting a new era of marketing—the Relationship Era™. Nowadays, people connect with brands on a personal level. We use this insight to create work that authentically connects with people and sparks results for brands.

Can’t Buy Me Like, Relationship Era Marketing, Doug Levy, Bob Garfield

We even wrote a book about it. Check It.

We like to get to know our brands.

Before we head to the altar, we like to get familiar with our clients’ wants, needs and backgrounds. We do this by first identifying a brand’s purpose, or its reason for existence.

Take a look at our approach to get the full story.

we start with purpose.

Strategy & Insights
User Experience
Analytics & Optimization

Our little black book

contains some of the brands we’ve collaborated with to find innovative solutions to their toughest problems.

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We’ve helped customers fall in love—that’s right we used the “L” word—with some of the world’s most beloved brands over the past 18 years by building relationships and obtaining results.

Diet Coke
Secret Deodorant
Coca Cola
Burt's Bees
History Channel
Rescue Remedy
Pampered Chef
World Vision

We’re more than just a pretty face,

and we’ve got the smarts to prove it.

Brain, meet paper—digital paper… okay there’s no paper, but you can find the latest industry news, a few of our thoughts and lots of fun stuff. It’s okay; you can fall in love right here.

From the blog:

We're curious souls.

We like to stay on top of the latest marketing subjects. Here are some results-driving topics we think you might like to know a little more about.

Curious About Being Cool on Twitter?
Curious About Being Cool on Twitter?


Curious About Creating a Brand Movement?
Curious About Creating a Brand Movement?


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Made for each other.

We don’t like to brag, but we’re fun to hang out with. We like each other. You want us at your parties. Or at least, we want you at ours. If you want, you can even stalk us on Facebook.

Our people

As a digital agency, it’s important to us that we’re diverse in our interests and offerings. While many clients share universal problems, the particulars are always different, and having a wide variety of talents and enthusiasms keeps our thinking fresh and our ideas relevant and exciting.

Whatever our clients’ needs, we pick the right talent and passion for the job. That’s one of the ways we build relationships with our clients.

Our leaders have stolen our hearts.

Our leadership team is a tightly knit bunch of talkers, thinkers and daydream believers. Completely committed to collaboration and ideation, they strive to provide unique solutions to your marketing problems.

Doug Levy

Founder and CEO

Is a sucker for a good quote.

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Colin Turney

President & Chief Client Officer

Loves sunsets. Loves sunrises even more.

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Bryan Bradley

Chief Operating Officer

Has played guitar since the age of 12.

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Evelyn Henry Miller

Chief Financial Officer

Has a fondness for kale in all forms.

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Jason Shipp

Group Creative Director

May be the only native Texan severely allergic to horses.

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Devin Downey

VP, Client Partner

Unable to keep up with the Kardashians

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